9ct Gold Diamond Ring (4734829527172) (7077298634916)

9ct Gold Diamond Ring


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    9CT Yellow Gold Diamond Ring

    How do I find my ring size?
    What you would need:
    • String or strip of paper
    • Pen or marker
    • Tape measure or ruler

      We would need to get the measure of circumference around the base of the finger where the ring would go.


      Step 1Wrap a string comfortably around the desired finger.




      Step 2With the pen or marker, mark the spot where the string or paper meets and feels comfortable.  




      Step 3 - Lay the string or strip of paper on a flat surface and measure its length in millimetres. This number is your finger’s circumference.




      Using the circumference you've just found, consult the chart to see which ring size corresponds with your measurement

      Australian Size Circumference (mm)
      I 1/2 48
      J 1/2 49
      L 51
      M 52
      N 53
      O 55
      P 56
      Q 57
      Q 1/2 58
      R 1/2 59
      S 1/2 61
      T 62
      U 1/2 63
      V 1/2 65
      W 1/2 66
      Y 68
      Z 69

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